2011 ORS § 153.680¹

Any amount collected by a circuit court, justice court or municipal court as costs in a criminal action shall be retained by the court. [2011 c.597 §49a]

Note: Section 51b, chapter 597, Oregon Laws 2011, provides:

Sec. 51b. (1) Any amounts received on or after January 1, 2012, on judgments of conviction for violations of ORS 813.095 (Offense of refusal to take a test for intoxicants) that were committed before January 1, 2012, that would have been deposited in the State Police Account under ORS 153.630 (6), as in effect immediately before January 1, 2012, shall be disposed as provided in sections 47 to 50 of this 2011 Act [153.640 (Disposition of fines for traffic offenses) to 153.680 (Costs)].

(2) A justice or municipal court shall forward the amounts described in subsection (1) of this section to the Department of Revenue for deposit in the Criminal Fine Account. [2011 c.597 §51b]