2013 ORS § 109.460¹
Persons eligible to register

(1) An adult adoptee, each birth parent, a putative father, an adult genetic sibling of an adoptee, an adoptive parent of a deceased adoptee and a parent or adult sibling of a deceased birth parent or parents may register by submitting a signed affidavit to the appropriate registry. The affidavit shall contain the information listed in ORS 109.465 (Content of affidavit) and a statement of the registrants willingness to be identified to the other relevant persons who register. The affidavit gives authority to the registry to release identifying information related to the registrant to the other relevant persons who register. Each registration shall be accompanied by the registrants certified copy of the record of live birth.

(2) An adoptee, or the parent or guardian of an adoptee under 18 years of age, may register to have specific identifying information disclosed to Indian tribes or to governmental agencies in order to establish the adoptees eligibility for tribal membership or for benefits or to a person settling an estate. The information shall be limited to a true copy of documents that prove the adoptees lineage. Information disclosed in accordance with this subsection shall not be disclosed to the adoptee or the parent or guardian of the adoptee by the registry or employee or agency operating a registry nor by the Indian tribe, governmental agency or person receiving the information.

(3) Except as provided in ORS 109.475 (Processing affidavits) (2), if a birth parent or an adoptee fails to file an affidavit with the registry for any reason, including death or disability, identifying information shall not be disclosed to those relevant persons who do register.

(4) Except as otherwise provided in ORS 109.503 (Access to adoption records for search), a registry or employee or the agency operating a registry shall not contact or in any other way solicit any adoptee or birth parent to register with the registry. [1983 c.672 §8; 1989 c.372 §6; 1993 c.410 §10; 1997 c.442 §4; 2013 c.366 §57]

Note: See note under 109.425 (Definitions for ORS 109.425 and 109.435 to 109.507).